Lets try this again. Maybe my last post satisfied the Internets hunger. Anyways…

Time to expand a bit on the last post, mainly dealing with Big Sister – Player/Rapture relationship and the Splicers this time around.

Big Sister
Yes, there is more. The main folly of the Big Sister (and every killable enemy ever really) is that as time goes on the player gets stronger and stronger. Think back to BioShock, remember your first real Big Daddy fight? That was a hard, but exciting, fight, and killing him gave a certain sense of superiority. Now try and remember the fights from the end of the game. Got anything? Trap crossbow bolts and explosive buck-shot, proximity mines on a gas tank with Telekinesis plasmid, there were no fights. It was a slaughter. Only the very last Big Daddy could be called an actual fight, and that is because he came flying through the wall towards the end of a long grind. By being a killable enemy, Big Sisters share the same fate. Scary and pulse pounding at first, but  then almost trivial later on. The scariest Big Sister fight was the first when she shows up out of no where and you have to fight her off before she just bolts. That fight left me shaken, unsure of how to go on or if she was still in the area.

The first Big Sister kill? Shredded her with Armor Piercing rounds and some rivet melees. Yes, the rivet gun melee is that awesome. When I killed the first Big Sister though, all I could say is ‘That’s it?’. It wasn’t much of anything.  Was she harder than a Big Daddy? Yes, easily. Was it more fun to kill her? Not by a long shot. If more fights had been like that first one I would have loved the Big Sister.

Imagine; you walking around Rapture. Stopping off at a Circus of Value for a few medkits or EVE hypos, then going on your merry way. You see a group of splicers and start planning on how to take them all out when a piercing scream echos throughout the decaying halls. The Splicers all turn and flee, you all know whats about to happen. There is a Big Sister coming. Maybe on these ‘random’ fights (not completely random, there has to be a limiting factor so you aren’t just gibbed by a Big Sister) you stand a chance of lying low and trying to avoid her before she screams in frustration and leaves. You know all to well, you can’t kill a Big Sister, you can only survive.

Much more interesting to me than just Adopting/Harvesting all the Little Sisters on the level then , whoops, Big Sister. Like clockwork, every time. Its not as much fun when you know exactly when and where the main enemy will be showing up. No one ever has to worry about finding one on accident or being stalked by one. Take  care of the Little Sisters, kill the Big Sister, move on. Maybe if you took the evil option you have a chance of spawning a very angry Big Sister. A little… variety perhaps? (Okay, I won’t milk the Spider Splicer quote from the first game for the rest of this. Maybe.) Also, and here is your only spoiler warning, why on earth do we have to fight two as the ‘climactic battle’ between us and the Big Sisters? I beat the whole thing by running in circles spamming Security Bots and letting them do the work. The only time I ever took much damage was when I decided to turn around with some Incinerate! 3 and the Big Sister walked through the flamethrower my hand had become to punch me in the face. Repeatedly. So back to SecuBot spam. Feels like there was a big opportunity for the Big Sisters and they got the short end of the stick.

Shorter section. First off, the new Bouncer Splicer is fun and a blast to fight. Although sometimes I did feel like it was some bad cross-fanfiction about a Big Daddy fighting a Charger (Left 4 Dead 2), that only added to the charm! A bit disappointed that Houdini Splicers either didn’t make a come-back with their own cult from the first game or find a  way to incorporate the Family of Rapture into it. You know, spice it up a bit. Speaking of cults though, would have liked to see more than just some body on an alter before the port-holes. Have fun with it! The best religious moment in the game was fighting the Father in his own church, that really brought across a feeling of religion (or that everyone in Rapture is scared to hell and back and are looking to save themselves from her fall), there should have been a bit of that in the cult meetings too. Starting to wonder though, what happened to all the female Spider Splicers? Maybe without the creepy lady in the ceiling talking about her ‘variety’ I just didn’t notice, but my hats off to you Ms. Creepy-Lady-In-The-Roof, you will be missed (Even if I took a shotgun to your head at some point. It wasn’t personal. Just business).

That’s all for now. Next time, Pandora!