Do whatever you wish, especially in a video game. This one is probably going to be short, if only because I’m too happy to stay coherent for long… Okay, fine, coherent for the same amount of time as usual. As some of you may now, in November of last year there was a case in the Supreme Court to decide if video games are protected under the first amendment as a right to free speech, or if they had no redeeming qualities and needed to be regulated by the government like pornography or tobacco. Well folks, yesterday we got out answer.

Video games are protected under the first amendment.
This is a fantastic day for gamers everywhere. Why? Simple! It means the government of the United States of America has ruled that video games are a slowly growing art form and should be awarded the same rights as books, theater, etc. Now, maybe you don’t care about all this stuff and just want to play games in your off time. That’s fine, but try to imagine what would happen if we had failed here. Your hobby would be on the same level as hoarding guns or chain smoking, deemed to be deviant and detrimental to society. The stigma that still exists today for gamers everywhere would only get worse, we’d be the target of every news outlet the moment anything bad happens (Not like we aren’t already…), the whole gaming hobby would go through sever blows as it tried to fix it’s self and salvage what it could.

Luckily, it didn’t come to that. We are gamers and a massive audience to a new form of art that has never before been possible, a medium that draws the consumer into the story as part of the world around them. Yes, this is what scares people about it, but who cares about what they think of our hobby. I’ve seen worse than every game I own watching History and Discovery channels. It’s pathetic the kind of fear mongering that goes around. But hey, that’s just the way of it. Their parents probably hated whatever they did, and when the next generation comes up we will have a fun decision. Remembering this very case as a reason that different is not bad and violence is not infectious, or repeating the same mistakes and trying to ban whatever that generation comes up with.

For Science the children.

You monster.

PS- Yes, I know this is a much smaller post than I usually get out there. I’m actually holding back quite a lot of ‘rant’, that I probably won’t release anyways just to avoid the inevitable flamewar. All I will say is, if you are a parent who is concerned with a games content, look at the box. Gaming has one of the lowest rates for underage sales, and it’s usually th parent that buys the game. If you don’t think your kid can handle that level of content, don’t buy it. Simple.

And yes, I’m trying to cut down on my monolithic posts of evil. This was supposed to be a small happy post and it still broke 500 words easy. To those of you who like being pummeled by words, my Vampire: The Masquerade post will fix that for you quickly. Until then my fellow gamers, CELEBRATE!