Yes, I know there hasn’t been anything this week. I am very, very sorry. Mostly there has been a bunch of annoying family stuff, not the least of which is a wedding in about a day (Not mine, promise) so updates have been slow. I’m going to try to have something up by Saturday if I can get internet in my hotel room at a reasonable cost, but if not, I have some big things planned for next week. It’ll be a week long three part segment on community mods and ideas, and just to give you a little teasing glimpse…


Item Creation: Tuesday’s article, dealing with what items you can have in your game. Everything from weapons in a first-person shooter to potions in a role-playing game, I’ll set some guidelines for making the best items you could possibly have for a blooming game, along with a few balance examples. All in all, it should be the least complicated article, and I hope a fun one to read.

Balance: Yes, you read that right. I’m going to be assaulting the biggest problem in content around, the tenuous art of balance. This one will be more in-depth, and will mostly focus on things like spells and abilities for various games, and how balance is very, very rarely a cut-and-dry problem developers face. Terminology may be a little thick, but I’ll stick to spelling out acronyms whenever possible. This one I’m also hoping to inspire a little discussion or thought by example, and maybe we could add to the article about specifics that some enjoy.

Map Creation: On of the hardest things to create, maps are the life-blood of any multiplayer game. Without enough variety, a community can slowly deplete until the game can no long support players. This is where fan-made maps come in, and we’ll be looking at a few of the pitfalls common to both fan made maps and dev-maps, like total bias and an unbalanced map. But you’ll have to wait until next week to see everything.

Anyways, that is my update and my future plans. I really regret not bringing you guys any content so far this week, and will be pushing to have something fun to read Saturday if I’m able. I hope you will be looking forward to next weeks segment, and can forgive a poor, lowly game critic a couple days of rest before going back to the grindstone. See you all very soon!