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Shogun: Not For You (2)

Juuust a quick one today. Recently picked up Total War: Shogun 2 from steam (half off!), and have been playing through a nice little co-op campaign with a friend of mine. But, since we haven’t actually beaten a campaign yet, I’m going to hold off on really diving into the game and instead going over with a list of first-impressions and thoughts so far. Prepare for a bizarre look at a recent game, and get ready for an abysmally bad player’s thoughts. Don’t try running, you can’t escape now. Resistance is feudal.

augh that even hurt to type.

Easy Mode:

First and foremost, I want to point out that I love easy mode in this game. I do not play any Real-Time Strategy outside the MOBA League of Legends. I don’t look up or anticipate new RTS titles. My friend does like RTS, but has only really been able to play League and Civilization 5 recently, and has professed past dislike of the Total War franchise. So, both of us are starting as newbies in this game series, and only one of us has any real experience with Real-Time Strategy. That said, easy mode in Shogun 2 really does take it easy at the beginning. You can get started knowing only the basics given by the tutorials and do decently against the A.I.
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Concerning “armour”

Hey people! DDdreamer back again! This time I’m gonna rant a little about one aspect of game design that keeps nagging me: the outright stupid armour designs that seems to plague every game with even the slightest hint of fantasy in it. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, feast your eyes on this:

Armour made to unprotect. How counterintuitive is that?

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So this is super late.

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Dominion is Coming

So, as some of you may know, Riot recently enabled Dominion for a few hours during off-peak times of the day to let players get a little taste of Dominion. What you may have also heard is that Dominion is absolutely bloody amazing. I’ve had a friend call it “everything Arathi Basin wishes it could be” and we both had an absolute blast playing four games before the map was pulled to prevent servers from crashing. And so here we are! This will be a first impression of the new map and items, and my thoughts on the idea overall. Alright, with that out-of-the-way, let’s get started with those juicy items.


My, my, my, Riot has gone out of their way to create some outstanding items with a flair for the insane. Just going over the small list of things I got to toy around with…

  • Ionic Spark: Probably my favorite of all the new items for any ranged carry, or anyone who uses attack-speed items. Still feels weird having a freaking bow on a dude with a 6 foot lance though. I guess he’s just really dexterous? Anyways, back to the item! Ionic Spark gives 45% attack-speed and 250 health, with a unique passive of blasting up to 4 targets with 100 magic damage. The item is better the earlier you can get it (because 100 damage means a lot more to a mage trying to break through 1000 hit points than one with other 2000), the effect is noticeable and satisfying, and overall the item is an absolute blast to use. I honestly can’t play AD Ranged in Summoner’s Rift anymore, it just feels incomplete without this.
  • The Lightbringer: This is one of those insane items you will always hate but grudging build to counter certain people. The Lightbringer gives 50% attack-speed and 20 damage, and has a special passive effect of granting vision on your target for 5 seconds, every time you land an attack. You will hate this item because it means you get to watch that person with 13 hitpoints walk away from you and live, every time. You will love this item for every time an enemy walks away with 13 hp, and then your jungler comes barreling out of the forest to rack up the kill. Vision is a powerful ally, and so is this bow!
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Hidden Knowledge

This one will probably be a quick one, just because I can’t really think of many images to go with it that are actually coherent to the words at a glance. Now the, I’m noticing a major problem with gaming recently, and the worst part is, it has to deal with my other preferred hobby: reading. I’m talking about the almost retarded tendency of releasing of a game with a paper-thin story, and then releasing a book with more story and going “No, see, you didn’t read the book! The book explains everything!” That is extremely bad storytelling. Your job is to tell a complete and thorough story, not to point at a book and use it as an excuse for plot-hole filling. But that isn’t to say using other media as a tie-in or to fill backstory shouldn’t be done. Let’s give off a few examples of how this is done right and how it’s done wrong.

The Bad:

Right out of the gate, Halo falls flat on its face for this one. The Halo universe is one of political intrigue, survival against impossible odds, and the culture clashes of unlikely friendships. Guess how much of this the player sees? About none of it. At all. The closest hint comes in the lowest rating of the series, Halo 2, when you play as an actual member of the alien race, the Elites. The politics and high-stakes games played by the Covenant are intriguing and deep, and the answers are never quite satisfying enough to want to stop looking. The human side of the story involves gunning down hundreds of fanatically religious aliens. The Alien side involves fighting to regain lost honor and a massive conflict of self as Arbiter uncovers more and more of the truth.
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Colorful Hell

I promised I wouldn’t go a week without updating again, and here I am at the last second turning in a paper working on a new post! It’s like college already. Anyways, today we’re going to be looking at a few recent-ish games and take on while they look so good when compared to other, more ‘realistic’ games. Spoilers may follow, so if you, say, don’t want the best part of Dead Space 2 spoiled, you’ve been warned.

Compare for a moment a scene of Dead Space 2 and, say, Gears of War. Let’s see what we get.
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Arsen’s Terrible at LoL – September 14, 2011

First thing’s first, a special PSA from Weriik who is semi-featured in this video.

OH HAI TEAMMATE – Welcome To Middle Lane

And now the video. Enjoy my failure.

Analysis after the jump

The Fail Marine

Well now, been playing a little bit of the Space Marine multiplayer, and I thought I’d share some of the exploits here, just to let people see what the Multiplayer is actually like in effect. First video is fairly simple and too the point, just me screwing around with the faction armors and my weapon sets to let you see what characters look like in game, annnd maybe, just maybe, sneak a peak at some of the perks.

Unfortunately, I can’t see what the perks I haven’t unlocked yet do, so I can’t answer any question about those. Do have a few for Assault/Raptor, and a couple for Devastator/Havoc though. Tactical is probably my least played class, haven’t unlocked anything besides class perks (those come with level) in there.

Warning: Volume is loud.
My first real attempt at recording footage. I enjoyed the game, so I’m going to link it here. Quality is more in line with the next video on any future vids though, finally got a hand with uploading better quality video and sound. Standard fair for me, play Raptor until I decide to cheese it and go Final Vengeance. Yes, it is still horribly broken.

Last video of this section. Much higher quality, audio won’t deafen you. Not sure how this song got itself to play twice, but I’m not really complaining.


Hoping to have even more, and higher quality, footage for things in the future, especially if I ever get started up on another MMO. Expect TERA Online footage come Spring 2012, or sooner if I can worm my way into beta. Other than that, I’ll just post random things that are relevant if I’m able. Hope you enjoy the vids!

Chaos vs. Order, Multiplayer Fun

So, as some of you can probably guess, I finally got my hands on Space Marine this Tuesday. Not that I was playing it or anything. Nope. Hard at work with… stuff. For things. But while I was off not playing my brand new game, I decided to not check out the multiplayer and see how it holds up. Bottom line: interesting mechanics and fun to play, but ultimately nothing truly special, will survive on a dedicated fanbase. Hope to see new maps soon. Now that that’s out-of-the-way, lets take a little more in-depth look at the multiplayer experience and my adventures through hacking people apart. For Chaos. We’ll be splitting it up into 3 parts; The Annoying, The Good, and The Bad. Might come back if I get a high enough level to reflect and see how much has changed. For now, we begin!

The Annoying:

Okay, so, multiplayer is two identical sides facing off in various large boxes with the only difference between the factions being cosmetic differences. Why do we still have no opt-in feature for playing as our preferred faction? I see this in every game, people randomly being assigned to teams, but why can’t we ever weigh in who we want to play as? I vastly prefer the cosmetic appearance of Chaos to the Imperial Space Marine, and have heard people on both sides complain about being stuck with their least favorite faction. People repeatedly getting thrown on the Imperial team when they’d want to play Chaos, Imperial fans getting forced to play Chaos. Worse still, in Space Marine the system appears to ‘stick’, meaning once you are assigned to a faction, odds are you keep playing that faction over and over through the rounds, even if you don’t want too.
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Arsen’s Terrible at LoL – September 05, 2011

So begins this series where I fail miserably at everything I do. No really, these videos are more like a guide of “How Not To Play League of Legends.” If you’re looking for high-ELO content, look elsewhere. If you’re looking to watch some scrub get killed, well you’ve come to the right place.

Retrospective Anaylsis:

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