Well now, been playing a little bit of the Space Marine multiplayer, and I thought I’d share some of the exploits here, just to let people see what the Multiplayer is actually like in effect. First video is fairly simple and too the point, just me screwing around with the faction armors and my weapon sets to let you see what characters look like in game, annnd maybe, just maybe, sneak a peak at some of the perks.

Unfortunately, I can’t see what the perks I haven’t unlocked yet do, so I can’t answer any question about those. Do have a few for Assault/Raptor, and a couple for Devastator/Havoc though. Tactical is probably my least played class, haven’t unlocked anything besides class perks (those come with level) in there.

Warning: Volume is loud.
My first real attempt at recording footage. I enjoyed the game, so I’m going to link it here. Quality is more in line with the next video on any future vids though, finally got a hand with uploading better quality video and sound. Standard fair for me, play Raptor until I decide to cheese it and go Final Vengeance. Yes, it is still horribly broken.

Last video of this section. Much higher quality, audio won’t deafen you. Not sure how this song got itself to play twice, but I’m not really complaining.


Hoping to have even more, and higher quality, footage for things in the future, especially if I ever get started up on another MMO. Expect TERA Online footage come Spring 2012, or sooner if I can worm my way into beta. Other than that, I’ll just post random things that are relevant if I’m able. Hope you enjoy the vids!