So, I’m back and not dead. Or undead, sadly. Either makes a terrifying contribution to the world. Anyways, this weekend was the annual Anime Weekend Atlanta convention that my friend and I always go to. The plan was, leave early Thursday and enjoy all three days of the weekend at the con, while I write up a nice little intro to TERA Online on Thursday night.

As you probably noticed, there was no post Thursday.

Turns out, my friend forgot to get us a room with wifi.

So yeah… sorry about that one. Without it we couldn’t really do much (besides write an article so poorly written I’d have to start over again and double-fact-check), and the con kept us going until we came back to the hotel and passed out day after day. So, this week I’m hoping to get into TERA finally. If you don’t know what it is, you’re about to find out. If you do, goody, you know whats coming. Until then, I think I’m going to crash and burn for a short while, letting me regain a little of what the con took from me. As a trade, I bring ponies back for you.


(Warning: Language)