Hey guys, just wanted to give a quick update, just on a couple things for this week. First thing is the lack of posting you may have seen here. Fallen a bit behind in a couple classes, so I’ve been working on catching up. If it was possible to use java to murder things, I’d probably have made a game and written about that by now. Good news though, I’m working on a post for Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. Haven’t really touched single player, but I’ll be getting into that as well. Mostly a look on multiplayer as a whole, and what MW3 does right and wrong. Plenty of that all around.

Second is, I am actually playing Skyrim. Not on 360 mind you. And no, I didn’t pirate it. After going back to the store to just get credit for my next purchase, the guy offered to trade my copy over to a PC one, one the basis of fan mods and quicker patch time that’d make it at least more worth my while since a complete refund wouldn’t really be in the question. So, thanks Gamestop Guy, I appreciate the favor. To those wondering, quit a few of the bugs have been fixed. I can actually play the game now. It is actually fairly fun, but I haven’t really seen what makes this game oh-my-god-amazing that other people see. Great game? No, not yet. I’d peg it as above-average, just because of the weird design decisions and 360 menu that really doesn’t work on PC. I’ll probably come back to Skyrim if/when I beat it and have another go, though if anyone cares I can give a revised first opinion on the game next too.

Here's a screenshot.

So that’s the quick review of things going on this week. Hoping to see you guys tomorrow for MW3, and maybe for a little more of a look into Skyrim. It does have some things  going for it. Like being pretty! Again! So in closing, since today was the annual TERA Twitter event, I give you… crabs.!