Hey guys. Wanted to give you a heads up on whats going to be happening very soon. A friend of mine and I started throwing around ideas a couple days ago and decided to grab the equipment and just go nuts, starting with an LP of the game that’s taken up huge chunks of our life recently: Dark Souls. It’ll be a fairly informative and playful LP, but we’re also going to be doing most of the game as a duo-play through instead of just one person going on. We’re only going to record one play through of each zone, but probably switch to let people see two different play styles and all the zones and bosses. There will be a couple rules, however…

  • No min/maxing for the best stuff. It’s been decided what we’re going to play and we’re going to stick to that. I’ll be primarially a Strength/Endurance name with a smattering of faith (mostly just for heal) to show off the most effective way for new players to get into the game. My friend will be running Faith/Intellect to show off the magic of the world, and will be going at it in a more advanced way.
  • No farming for souls. Almost all of the footage will just be straight play. We’ll probably cut out all the load screens, but things like Invasions, Boss fails, and everything else will be in there. We’ll be showcasing one or two zones at a time, and the last thing we want is to open an episode with the caption “So I’m about 20 levels higher than I was last time…” and then stomp on the content.
  • Following a (relative) order of difficulty. On our main play through, we didn’t even get to the Catacombs until we were ready to fight one of the end-game bosses. I’m pretty sure my Pyromancer straight up 3-hit killed that boss by that point. We’ll try and keep things in the order they were meant to be.
  • Show off secrets and Covenants. This one is going to be a killer, but shouldn’t be too bad. We’ll try and devote an episode a piece to each Covenant and detail what they are and do. We’ll show off whatever secrets and tips we know.
  • Try not to fail horribly on every single boss.

We’ll also try to show off some PvP outside the Covenants, invasions and spirits of vengeance. If we are incredibly lucky, maybe even some Gravelord footage, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one. Tends to be extremely buggy and extremely rare. You’ll see plenty of ninja though, we plan on sinning. A lot.

So that’s hopefully going to be up in the next couple of days. First Episode will probably be just me playing both of our characters up the the point where we can actually join consistantly. So my character for Asylum Demon (tutorial zone) and the Sorcerer for the Tarsus Demon (upper Undead Burg), and then after that it’ll be the two of us horribly failing on our way to end-game. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do!