So it was finals week. Still not done, with another test tomorrow. But I’ve been quiet for way too long. Maybe I’ll get rilled up and angry enough to rant on about some other games Tuesday. Assuming I’m not stuck blowing my first day of break screwing around with the new champion in League of Legends. So it could be more Skyrim, now that I have some game time under my belt, or another RPG I’ve played and had sever issues with, Dragon Age: Origins. And trust me, that won’t be a pretty one to go through. So, how about something simple to cap off the week.

First true episode of our Dark Souls LP, staring myself and my good friend Telnia. Or Kaedia. She flips between the two frequently enough. Hopefully even without voice chat our antics will be clean enough to see, though you’ll have to wait until later on in the game to see us really start trolling one another. I think I actually covered almost everything in the Parish in the video, so instead of pointing out things I missed, let’s talk about the zone itself.

Personally, I think the Parish is extremely under-utilized. It’s extremely short and entirely skipable once you reach the shortcut, while almost all of the latter short-cuts require the player to back track slightly. So you don’t really get to explore and will almost never really come back unless you’re on route to Firelink from Andre’s. It could have served as a secondary hub, smaller but at least with some sanctity in the world to show the player that their actions are having a meaningful effect. Though I say that, even after all your deeds, the church remains haunted by the damned and the cursed, which puts a rather dour mood on the game,  which is consistent with the overall tone.

One thing I love about the Parish though, if the player is online, they may hear church bells in the background. That’s not random ambient noise, that’s another player ringing the Bell of Awakening in their world. If you’re going for Warrior of the Sun (“Sunbros”), you might find farming the boss here to be convient and profitable, no to mention so very, very satisfying when you help another player beat the area boss and then 30 seconds later hear church bells ringing. Such a touching moment in an otherwise dreary zone. Speaking of area bosses…

The first challenging fight you may run in to. If you are having trouble, Knight Solair’s symbol is always next to the door to lend a hand. Overall straight forward, the gargoyls only have two real attacks on land and two in the air. Once one reaches 50%, the second flies down. Both begin to spew flame under 50%, so watch out for that. If you’re able to dodge all the fire, it’s possible to get in quite a few free hits on the gargoyle currently casting. Just make sure o keep an eye on the other one. Next time we’ll hit up Darkroot Garden, and things will get more… interesting.