So, something a little different today. Mostly just a few highlights of the most recent beta from TERA Online. I’ve got a lot of footage of the first couple of questing zones for next week, so today it’s just a few fight highlights and a little demo from my Warrior’s play. The character that accidentally broke the game, so there is that. Whoops! Let’s start with something a little gutsy though, shall we?

You’ll run into these little buggers around level 20 in the Oblivion Woods. You can either come here for a quest and murder these guys like sensible people, or you can do what I did and come kill them just for giggles and the fact each one drops an insane amount of experience. Recorded this around level 22 when I started being able to completely block all damage with my shield, so I turned off the heads-up display to give the fight a little more of an edge. So much fun!

Another fun little fight. This was after level 22 and I picked up my first blue piece of gear (Demontongue Lance), which gave me enough damage to actually fight this thing and win without making a half-hour video. I could have solo’d him as early as 20, possibly 18, through good use of skills, but I didn’t get a good enough lance to completely mitigate all his damage until Demontongue. Still an exquisitely fun fight. If you have a lancer or warrior and a priest or mystic, you can probably get a party together and kill Arakia as low as level 16 if you play smart. Berserker could tank after 18 with a good axe, but you’ll have to be really careful to not be gibbed by one of his attacks. HUD-less video of another kill coming soon. Can you tell I treat this like Monster Hunter yet? Not even out and I’m seeking down the biggest, baddest monsters around.

This one actually isn’t as long as it looks. I somehow managed to break the game about 25 minutes in and utterly block myself off from being able to progress through the Isle of Dawn. The rest of it is just me running around like an idiot trying to figure out just what I did wrong and trying to get the quest to spawn. Still, it’s a good variation from the deluge of Lancer videos that will be going out, and it gives a nice little sneak peek at the starting zone.

With a few more videos coming out in the next week (but not taking up anymore scheduled post-days), I’ll post the question: what would you like to see in TERA Online for the third closed beta? Anything higher level will have to be done on my lancer, but I should be able to record some instance play or a couple extra classes. Who knows, maybe I can even get my warrior unstuck and show off the rest of the Isle with her, then switch to lancer for the next zone. Variety is the spice of life after all. That and bloodshed. Lots of bloodshed. Poor spiders never saw it coming.

Coming for you next, ugly.