Thinking about what I said before, I don’t really think I went into enough detail about how you can use each of your champions moves to better your play and to get the most out of any engagement. While this is still true for junglers everywhere, it is still important for everyone to know at least some of the ways they can use their skills in non-standard ways to benefit themselves and the team. Obviously, damage skills have their own catagory, and I can’t sit here and list off all the plays some ninety-something champions can do. So instead of looking over, say, Brands E -> Q stun, we’ll go into simply using your other moves better.

First up are actually not directly tied to champion skills, but are the spells each summoner chooses before the battle begins. Some have obvious utility like Teleport being able to blink you across the map, which allows you to split push/farm/gank from fog of war/whatever, or Ignite which deals a bit of true damage as a damage over time effect and a heal reduction effect. The most obvious and well-known summoner spell for being used in a multitude of situations, and the star example to start with, is the summoner ‘Exhaust.’ Exhaust lowers evenmy attack speed, move speed, and ability damage for a short time, and you can see people using it frequently in offensive situations (exhausting a target for an easier kill) or defensive ones (exhausting someone trying to catch you). What is primarily an offensive skill can be used in other ways to save yourself or a teammate.

Fun thing is, a lot of the summoners can be used this way. Like I mentioned last time, a champion with reliable crowd control can use Flash as an insanely aggressive summoner skill, while most others use it as a defensive one. ‘Flash-Ult’ on champions like Skarner, Warwick, Galio, and many more can get an absurd level of control and disruption by blinking in and locking down an enemy. Teleport can also be used in hilarious ways; since it only has a four-second cast time and isn’t stopped by simple damage, you can cheat out of a un-winnable fight by using Teleport to blink away. Teleport will also render any minion being teleported too invincible, which can lead to hilarious moments. I’ve had a game won because a single minion tanked both Nexus turrets with my Teleport, letting my team take everything before the enemy had a chance to respawn. That one little minion was all we had, but Teleport stretched it out as much as possible. Clairvoyance can be used to play mind games, making an enemy think you don’t know what’s in a bush, or harassing an enemy jungler with constant sight.

Moving on to actual champion skills, there are lots of little tricks you can use. A lot of melee champions have an ‘on-next-hit’ ability, which will empower their next melee attack to do various things. A hidden perk to this is that these abilities also completely reset your auto-attack timer. I’ve seen quite a few people just mash the skill as soon as it comes up, interrupting their attack animation (because it reset), and sometimes this can lead to an enemy getting away with very few hitpoints… enough that just one more attack could have cleaned up. Try waiting for the hit-sound to start, then immediately proc the skill. You’ll literally get 2 attacks in for one!

Movement impairment or blockers can be another (sometimes extremely trolly) way to interact with your opponent. Singed and Volibear both have a fling skill, which can toss an enemy over their shoulder. Way too many people use this and toss an enemy in the wrong direction, or blow it at the start of a fight instead of waiting for a runner, or to peel someone off the squisher members of your team. Cho’gath, Janna, Malphite and so on can use their ults to either initiate a fight or just screw with the enemy team, hurling them up into the air while their own team gets into better position. Ziggs and Viktor both have some of the most fun abilities to use in this respects. Hexplosion Minefield and Gravity Well both act as insanely good area-denial spells, which will either totally lock down an avenue of movement from the enemy team, or lock them down instead. Using either in narrow pathways can utterly break an enemy team as the mass slows begin to prevent movement.

Finally, the most fun and adaptable of the mechanics in League, the gap-closer. Now, there are an absolute ton of these in the game, and how you use one will often determine how a fight goes. A few champions have completely ‘open’ closers, that can be used as a shorter cooldown Flash. Kassadin, Ezreal, Le Blanc, and so on fit into this, being able to use their skill for movement. Others like Graves, Nidalee, Fizz and co. can use their shorter range to travel over geometry, slinking away from fights by jumping over walls. Jax, Lee Sin, and Katarina can all use their skills on Wards as well as players/minions, giving them tons of mobility if they carry a spare ward in their bag. Other skills like Akali’s Shadow Dash or Poppy’s Heroic Charge require a valid enemy target. These skills are entirely offensive in nature, but can be used defensively. You can charge an enemy minion to dash out of some incoming area-of-effect damage, or use against a minion to get a little extra distance. Each dash has something that it can do (enemy-target, wallslam, etc.), so knowing what each skill does and how it can be used properly is the key to bringing out the most of your champion.

Ultimately, it’s up to the player to know the ins-and-outs of their preferred champion and to experiment with what each skill is capable of. No one skill is ever locked into one function or role, ever. I’ve seen plenty of people use Janna’s Monsoon offensively, coupling it with a flash to knock enemies well out of position, just the same as, say, someone using an Exhaust to slow a chaser and get out scot-free. That’s the important thing. Know what your champion can do, know what you can do, and use what you have to the best of your ability. Because then ludicrous things like this happen: