Welcome back to another addition of TERA Tuesday! Today’s target of verbal slaughter is the warrior class, which is in something of a strange place at the moment. So, without delaying for too long, let’s get into it!

Role: Tank/DPS
Difficulty: [***]

The Warrior  is a strange beast of the TERA universe. Originally slated to be an evasion tank, they’re slowly being pushed into a damage role over on the Korean version of the game. Don’t mistake that as them not being able to tank anymore, because they’ve still got it. If you plan on tanking, know that difficulty is borderline four-stars, because of some inherent difficulties with dodge tanking. For starters, Warriors are restricted to medium armor, so tanking hits with your face is going to hurt like all hell. There are skills that mitigate damage while casting, but Warriors thrive on dodging. The Warrior dodge has a shorter cooldown than the other dodge skills, and has longer invincibility-frames, which is the part of the animation where you are invulnerable, but spamming it will be constantly moving the mob, making aggro harder to gain and preventing the dps from hammering into the enemy’s shins. Once you get around those limitations, Warriors still make capable tanks, able to hold hate and ninja-flip over massive attacks.

Because of that little issue above with kTERA, Warriors are in a bizarre place. Most early skills come down to tanking, with evasion and damage-reduction while casting, but later skills are oriented towards damage. It gives a sort of scattershot feel that doesn’t sync up across the levels, and is really something that needs to be addressed. Because of that, I can’t really say what would be *best* to focus on, it’s all dependent on what happens across the ocean. Glyphs are pretty much whatever in that case, just grab something and it should fit in what you need. Gems are better defined for what you want to do; Damage oriented warriors can grab some ‘bonus damage when attacking from behind’ crystals and some mana to augment your damage. If its tanky, grab a threat crystal, then grab anything to reduce damage from red or blue. Warriors are much squishier than lancers, and literal face-tanking won’t end pretty.

Despite that, combat is an absolute joy when playing with a Warrior. The animations are smooth and the time between attacks is very small, so while it feels somewhat bad to see less damage per hit than pretty much everyone else, keep in mind no other class can really match the hit-speed a warrior brings to the table. The level one dodge may have some hidden component to it, when coupled with snap-directional movement, but I haven’t been able to replicate the effect with continuous success. If I’m just messing up, Warriors are literal ninjas who can flip any direction at the drop of a hat. If wrong, then the dodge is solely forward facing and somewhat of a let down then. “Unrelenting force” sums up what playing a damage warrior feels like, since you can only ever move forward, slicing everything in your path. Tanking is more like ‘slippery-eel-in-my-bathtub’, since everything will always know exactly where you are. It’s just punching you in the face they have problems with.

Compared to Slayers, Warriors do less damage, but have more in-built survivability because of the previous design goal of evasion tank. Likewise, they far and away outclass a Lancer in damage, but will put the player under extreme strain for trying to keep up with tanking feats. If a plate-wearing tank with multiple defensive measures takes a hit, it’ll hurt, but it’s far from the end. If a leather armor dps takes a punch, it’s going to hurt. A lot. Overall, Warriors feel like a good middle ground, offering enough of damage and survivability to let the player pick which role they’d rather specialize in. On top of that, visually, Warriors are one of the most fun classes to play, just to watch the sparks fly everywhere once the blades start rolling.

Special Thanks: My friend Maru for recording this on his account after getting up to the boss. Will be going back and redoing the Lancer video when I have time during the next beta.