Welcome back to another TERA Tuesday! I sincerely apologize for not having a post up in a week, have been suffering from a nasty cold coupled with ridiculous allergies. Now that I’ve bled all over the virtual world and coughed all over the real one, we’re back and ready to take another look into the beautiful world of TERA. Today it’ll be the first pure-damage class, the Slayer!

Role: Damage
Difficulty: [***]

The Slayer is the middle-ground of Warrior (as damage) and Berserker as damage, mixing in wide, sweeping attacks with agile play and movement. Slayers wear medium armor and, like Warriors, specialize in dodging around while whipping their sword around into the enemy’s face. Slayers are also specialized in absolutely murdering everything around them at any time.  All of their attacks have sweeping arcs and their abilities have a similar reach, alloying the slayer to cut through large swaths of creatures.

Early Slayer skills are kind of bizarre to play with. My favorite classes are the Lancer and Berserker, and one of the reasons is because of how seamlessly the skills transition into one another. Lunging Charge can combo in after either three basic attacks in a row, or from a double-tap of the shield slam. It looks solid and feels good to do. By comparison, the early Slayer skills all feel off, by having this lag in between all the skills. They don’t feel like they flow because of this animation lag, even though the skill chains all feed off each other, building up damage and control for the player. Glyphs can’t really fix this, but that’s really the only place the class is bad.

Combat still feels visceral with the Slayer, with their wide, sweeping auto-attacks being able to clear massive packs of enemies. The attacks feel weighty enough, but to me they also feel a bit lacking. Warrior attacks much faster, but hits for less individually, which fills in the more ‘rogue’ like slot for players. Berserkers, from what I’ve seen, can hit for insane damage above what Slayers can do on some attacks, and hit slower, filling a more plated damage role. You could treat them as a middle-ground, trading in the survivability skills of a Warrior for damage-oriented ones while maintaining their mobility, but without gaining the raw defensive power of the Berserker. Give Slayer and Warrior a chance before deciding, since they both fulfill similar roles. The one major difference is, Warriors were meant to be tanks, so like the Lancer, they naturally want to regenerate to full mana over time, and attacks fuel this process. Slayers are the first class introduced that wants to be at zero mana, and will constantly deplete when out of combat rapidly to hit that natural mark. In combat, your attacks will give massive amounts of mana back, so knowing when it’s safe to start a skill chain is paramount. You can’t rely on regen to prevent you from bottoming out in a combo, it’s already trying to do that.

Boosting your damage as a slayer is incredibly simple through crystals. If you’re playing solo, grab some knock-down damage amplification crystals. The Slayer class has a ton of in-built control, and a high chance to just knock things right over from pummeling it. Increasing your damage on things in this vulnerable state just gives you full reign to demolish things. Even if it makes you a jerk. Kicking a guy when it’s down like that. For party play, you should invest in damage-bonus when fighting from behind. They give great bonuses, it’s just stupid hard to get behind something when you’re alone and trying to kill it. For armor, my personal favorite is of course health regeneration to give that staying power and a little back up to natural regeneration out of combat. Raw mana and health crystals wouldn’t go wrong either, giving more breathing room on the red bar and more total mana to dump in skills once you get the bar full.

Compared to the other melee damage, Slayers offer a good starting point for looking into the damage role. You can flip around and abuse their mobility to the heart’s content, then decide if the class is the right fit. If you feel like something meatier, try out Berserker. For something that has more survivability and a willingness to sacrifice a little damage, try Warrior. In any case, Slayers represent some of the higher damage late game, so you can cut faces off five at a time at any point in time. Soloing large monsters will be a little tricker though, so keep that in mind.

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Now that slayer is complete, the next class will be Berserker!