This is something I’ve been meaning to do for awhile now, and it just never felt like the right time. I was considering just skipping along past the crazed yordle, but with the delay to Hecarim, this brings up the perfect chance to get information on Lulu out there before the patch. That and I never get to play Lulu, so anything more than a first impressions on one game would take some time. I’m usually stuck in the jungle, and while you can do jungle Lulu, I’d rather just wait until I get good enough with the support role to know what in runeterra I’m doing.

So Lulu is a support champion and the most recent addition to the line up in League of Legends. While being support, she has no sustain mechanics and no in-built heal outside of her ultimate, so careful play is going to be required of both your carry and yourself if you take her out to lane. While sustain lanes can be a problem to deal with, Lulu has some of the greatest harass and control a support can give, only really being rivaled by Janna. To know why, let’s take a look at her skills.

(Passive) Pix, Fairy Companion: Pix is a fairy companion to Lulu, and will launch a barrage of attacks at anything Lulu attacks. These attacks scale per level to Lulu, and are delivered in a three-shot burst. Bullets from Pix do have hit detection, and will deal damage to the first target they hit, which may not be the target Lulu is attacking.

Glitterlance: Pix and Lulu both fire a bolt of magical energy that damages and heavily slows all targets it hits. An enemy can only be effected by one Glitterlance per cast.

Whimsy: Single target spell that can be cast on allies or enemies. If cast on an ally, Whimsy will give a boost to ability power and movement speed for a short time. If cast on an enemy, Lulu will polymorph them, silencing and preventing the enemy from attacking, while applying a very weak slow. Enemies still have full control of their movement.

Help, Pix!: Pix jumps to the target Lulu has chosen. If that target is an ally, they will gain a shield and Pix will attack for every basic attack from that ally instead any attack from Lulu for 6 seconds. If cast on an enemy, Pix deals damage and then follows that enemy, granting vision for 6 seconds.

(Ultimate) Wild Growth: Lulu enlarges an ally, granting bonus health and briefly knocking up all nearby enemies to that target. In addition, as long as Wild Growth lasts on a target, they will have a passive aura that slows all nearby enemies.

What is important to say as well is just how massive a range Glitterlance actually has. At 925 range, it gives Lulu an insane level of poke in-lane, along with slowing anyone hit by 80% (but with quick decay on the slow), guaranteeing at least one or two free melee hits. But that’s not her true power. No, because Glitterlance actually has a total cast range of 2925. That’s just 75 shorter than Lux’s ultimate.

Remember how I said Lulu and Pix both fire a bolt when Glitterlance is cast? And that, with Help, Pix!, you can move Pix over to a target of your choice? Pix won’t leash back to Lulu unless she gets over 2000 units away, and the only range on Glitterlance is the 925 for the bolt. There is no total range outside of what causes Pix to leash. In lane, this gives Lulu an insane amount of sustained damage and harass, being able to constantly hit enemies with Help, Pix! and then line up an almost free Glitterlance, even if both enemies have retreated far away. They took Pix with them, and he’ll find them and fire a bolt where ever you happen to aim.

God help you if Lulu found you first.

On top of that, Lulu actively punishes enemies for committing to a fight, being able to shield her self or an ally with Pix. And with a lot of carries either having an attack speed steroid or itemizing for attack, putting Pix on them boosts their damage by a decent amount, especially early game when each “shot” can do hefty damage if every bolt lands in succession. With Whimsy Lulu can polymorph and block spells or attacks, giving your carry free reign over the fight. Wild Growth can give massive spikes of health, along with the knock up and slow-aura, and the slow from Glitterlance is just icing on the cake with all the damage it brings at this point. The best way to beat Lulu and her carry is to simply resort to hit-and-run tactics, especially if you have a sustain support in lane. Lulu can’t heal outside her ultimate, and won’t be able to disrupt as powerfully if you’re not committing to a fight.

Item wise, Lulu functions perfectly well with the normal support set up. If you’ve got a favorite build for Jana/Sona/Soraka/etc., it’ll more than likely work on Lulu. Personally though, I prefer grabbing a Philosopher’s Stone, Ionian Boots of Lucidity, and Kage’s Lucky Pick as a core build, before going off of that. If you’re winning lane hard and racking up a few assists, consider getting Rylai’s Crystal Scepter to make lane even more of a hell for your opponents. I do not recommend this if you’re roughly equal, or losing, as it will hurt your support build late game, but the trade-off for continued domination early game may be worth it. Both Help, Pix!, and Whimsy proc the single target slow, giving Lulu even more control over your enemies, and the health and ability power let her harass much better.

Look at how happy she is, pummeling your allied kittens.

Skill order is likewise dependent on the match up. If you’re able to consistently harass and whittle down the enemy lane, consider leveling Glitterlance for even more power. If you’re laning against a heavy sustain lane, it might be worth it to level Help, Pix! for its shield component instead. Whimsy is great for kill-lane or bottom AP champions like Rumble, giving them the speed boost to close the gap and bonus ability power to hurt that much more. Peronsally, I prefer Glitterlance, Help, Pix!, and Whimsy, along with Wild Growth at 6, 11, and 15.

Remember how all of Lulu’s skills come together to really bring control to your lane.  The perfect combination of Help, Pix! and Glitterlance can often beat an enemy lane down to the point where fighting back becomes a serious risk for them, granting you free reign over the lane. Proper use of Whimsy can get you or an ally out of a tough gank with the speed boost, or using the polymorph to silence that ulting Karthus or Fiddlesticks. Wild Growth can also be used offensively on your tank or initiator, giving them bonus life and a passive slow aura to make maximum disruption, or defensively to save that squishy who is getting focused. Lulu has a lot of tricks, which is fitting for a Fae Sorceress, so always be willing to experiment and see what you can do to harass the enemy team.