Okay, confession time. I hate healing. I like healers, don’t get me wrong. Having someone pull my ass out of the fire is great, and I’ll never underestimate a healer’s contribution to the team. But I hate playing one. Vehemently hate playing them. TERA probably takes this feeling and makes it even worse, so that’s your warning for this. Figured it’d be better to get the bad out of the way now so we can focus on the more fun Mystic later. If you want to see my first impressions (spoiler: it’s not pretty), keep reading. If you like healers and like playing them in this, skip on down to the bottom where I have the late game/crystal stuff.

Role: Healing
Difficulty: [*****]

The Priest is exactly what you’d expect for a class with the name of ‘priest’, only these don’t ever really get the chance to go around exorcising little girls or yelling about brimstone and fire. Though I guess you could role-play that with a friend who’s willing to play an Elin for the whole package. Priests have the biggest healing package of the two healers (the other being Mystic), and focus on support by keeping allies alive. There are various spells in their arsenal, and most of them involve keeping your little red bar as high up as possible for as long as possible. For everything else, there always is… the basic attack I guess.

Priests are a slow burner of a class, you won’t start getting any decent skills until you’ve nearly left the Isle of Dawn. By that time though, you’ll have at least 3 different heals up your sleeves. A self-cast, near instant ‘panic’ heal for yourself (that you’ll use a lot), a “pool” of light you can summon a few feet away that heals allied units standing inside of it over time, and a lock-on heal dual-target heal for precision moments. As for combat skills… there isn’t much to say. They feel weak and worthless, so grab a friend to kill for you. Otherwise you’ll be beating on mobs for a long time when going solo.

Combat is almost an embarrassment. Priests have to be the single worst class in the game for fighting anything. And you might think, “well, duh, it’s a healer!”, but I’m talking about a level of incompetence you can only imagine. The basic attack has a relatively long wind up and travel time, and it doesn’t track enemies. Nearly every other ranged character has some small measure of auto-correct in their attacks, usually to guarantee a hit after you’ve locked on and fired at a moving target. But the Priest doesn’t, so shooting at anything moving quickly becomes an exercise in frustration. The little area of effect you get is also weak and has a fair cooldown, so coupled with the very weak attack makes the whole class feel like you’re trying to kill with a pool noodle. Combat often devolves into a very boring slug-fest,  where just spamming the basic attack and occasionally using your panic heal is the best solution to everything. Like I said before, get a friend, preferably someone else not playing a priest or you might both die of frustration and/or boredom.

Crystals are a bog-standard choice. If you’re leveling, get health and mana regeneration. You’ll need literally nothing else, since nothing will be able to kill you with that self-target heal having no cast time and almost no cooldown. Glyphing for damage is a borderline waste, but if it keeps the tedium at bay, go for it. Otherwise if leveling with a friend, just glyph healing and pray they don’t get bored carrying you to the point you can do instances. Total mana is also a decent enough choice, with the class having a relatively early gotten mana-regen skill on a short cooldown. Health regen and damage reduction/bonus are just wasted on this class though.

So there it goes. Priests are a slow burner and a masochistic experience to play leveling up. They have no damage, single or multi-target, and no armor, so healing is about all they have. Late game they’re probably the best healer just because of the control they bring, consistently being able to keep health bars up and preventing party death with little involvement from the other players. If you like healing already, go for it. But if you’re wanting to try healing or looking for an alt, I can’t recommend this class in the slightest.

See you next week for the Mystic! For real this time, too.