Time for another foray into the realms of Arboria, this time to look at the Mystic class. Promising ahead of time I won’t be so mean to this one, even if it is a support/healer class. Mystic is still boring compared to the other classes, but is miles ahead of the Priest in terms of fun. Mostly because of the area-drain vampire skill. But we’ll get to that in just a minute…

Role: Support/Healer
Difficulty: [*****]

Mystic is an odd little class, being a healer with more emphasis on damage than the Priest, and less on direct heals. They’re also the only class that gets a pet, so there is that. However, the little bugger is so annoying I found myself trying to commit suicide multiple times just to get rid of him, so there is that as well. Honestly, a first impressions on Mystic is kind of hard, simply because they’re supposed to be a support class, but you only get one support spell at all through the intro area. It is nifty though, so it’s alright for the time being. I’ve heard their player support comes in the form of summoned orbs, and if it’s anything like the first you get, then the orbs grant a unique and interesting mechanic to the class overall.

Unlike Priest, most of the skills a Mystic grabs are focused on hurting things. You share an AoE spell or two, but other than that the skills have a different emphasis. Heck, you even get a vampire-aura that boosts damage (and I’m assuming burst healing to you) the longer you channel the spell. Early levels can be very boring, falling into the same “hold basic-attack to win” strategy that plagues Priest. Since both classes start with a heal, there’s no punishment for just face-tanking everything. However, the Mystic’s heal differs from the Priest’s in two special ways: the Mystic’s heal is a heal-over time effect, and is “castable” on other players. In an interesting twist, it’s not a true spell at all, but is instead something of a creation spell. Once cast, the Mystic creates an orb that plonks down on the ground, and is usable by anyone nearby. Once used, the orb disappears and begins healing the person who used it over time. Likewise, the orbs last for a while, and there doesn’t appear to be a hard cap on how many you can toss out.

Combat is basically the same as Priest for a long while. Hold down basic attack, drop a heal-orb when you need it. The basic attack is fairly quick and responsive compared to Priest, and has some measure of auto-correct once locked and fired, so it’s not as frustrating at least. Oddly, Mystic has a responsive and outright insanely fun dodge skill, making later levels of combat feel like a bizarre game of tag. They also have a bit more area-damage with the wider range on the vampiric aura, but I wouldn’t say leveling up solo would be a cake walk. Like Priest, find someone else to level with to make the combat go by faster, and to help sharpen your healing skills for later instance/PvP play.

Crystals are pretty much the same here as for Priest. Unless you really want to solo things, I wouldn’t focus on augmenting your damage with gems or glyphs at all. Go for what makes you a good support and boost those first, then worry about other things. Crystals can be either flat mana/hit points or health and mana regen. The regen lets you keep casting spells while not worrying too much about that blue and red bar, while flat bonuses give a nice buffer for spike damage and returning more mana from your percent-return ability. Either is perfectly valid, and works perfectly fine.

While not nearly as slow a burner as the Priest, the Mystic still suffers from healer-dps syndrome, making early levels something of a pain. If you can muscle through that, or grab a friend to help, you’ll find a fairly fun and interesting class waiting for you. Now, as a fair warning, a Priest is a better healer than you in most ways. If you just want to watch red bars bounce around, Mystic may not be the right class. What they lack in healing power however, Mystics make up for in group-support and slightly augmented damage. I’ve heard they even have some nice debuffs, but I didn’t get to see any in my time. So if you want to be a unique support, boosting your allies to new levels, give the Mystic a try! I may even come back to this one, just because the vampire-aura and class blink are just too much fun to play with. Pet is still insufferable though.

Come back next week for our final class (and to celebrate the official launch of TERA), the Archer!