So, today is the day that TERA goes live, hooray! Or I would be saying that, if I wasn’t so infuriated with the game. So, instead of doing the Good bits today, we’re putting it off while I vent all the other things that infuriate me. So here we go, another full article on things TERA does poorly. Once again, keep in mind I am (for now) still playing the game, even if one of these pushed me closer to quitting than any other one. In no particular order…

Why is it the default loot settings are absolutely retarded for loot? By default it sets to superior gear only as the minimum. If you don’t know about how loot works, the first piece of good loot is usually Rare, which is blue. Because of this single stupid setting, you will have to spend the first five minutes of every single instance trying to get whoever randomed to party leader to change the loot settings for you. What happens if you don’t? The odds of you getting the loot you want are minimum at best. The first run I lost the best lance I could possibly get to a Berserker, who got nothing else. The Priest got plate armor and I got a bow. Keep in mind you can’t trade if you aren’t from the same server, so if that loot randoms to someone from over-yonder, it’s gone forever.

Please believe me when I say the actual game is not as bad as the prologue. You can’t rebind skills, the quest texts is unclear, and the ending is a literal ass-pull. To expand on the last two, several times I had to run around like a headless chicken just trying to get the next phase of the quest to trigger. After that, I got a quest saying “fight your way to the top of the cliff.” Which I did. With no problems. Only the next phase again didn’t start. See, what it should have said is “kill every living thing between you and the back wall.” Since this is an MMO, you will be trained that things respawn, and will assume it as a given after a while. There is no indication that nothing will respawn once you kill it here.

To be fair, the Prologue is also extremely pretty. I'd live there.

Second, the “big bad” fight at the end is pathetic. Unless you are completely new to the game, you will be stomping him. Even if you are new, if you get the mechanics down, you will still be stomping him. And then you will lose control, screen fades to black, and  picture with a voice over goes “Too bad, he killed you and everyone else except this one dude. Oh well!” At least in other games you fail because the enemy was challenging. What, did he suddenly sprout a poison barb from his butt while I was stomping it?

Keep in mind you are level 20 for this prologue. You will kill this boss in the actual isle as low as level 10.

For whatever reason, there is a new UI display with pops up a gigantic box whenever you accept or turn in the quest. In execution, the box says “YOU HAVE ACCEPTED A QUEST” or “YOU HAVE RECIEVED X.” Yes, thank you game. I know. That’s why I pushed the accept/turn in button. Did you think I had the memory of a gold-fish? I know damn well what I was going to be awarded, I was looking at it four seconds ago. It does the same thing for accepting quests… even though I just saw the quest. And the quest log just flashed with the update.

Now, this is the thing that’s almost made me quit, because of how utterly ridiculous it gets. Story quests can not ever be abandoned. So, guess what happens if, say, your story quest has a bug? Time to submit a ticket for a GM and then go do something else. I was questing in a group, because of a group quest before hand. So when I went to go do the next quest in my list, I found one of my party members already in the instanced zone. Surprised, I stuck around and helped her out. The the event finished.

I did not receive credit.

I can not abandon the quest.

So it’s just sitting there, completely un-doable and completely broken, so I can’t even progress through the rest of the zone. I mean, I could run through and find the side quests from all half-dozen quest hubs, most of which don’t even show on the map, and then do the side quests. But then I’m going to have to do all of that over once the story mode picks back up. Along with more side quests that relied on stages of the main story. Might as well stop playing, since I can’t even do any more dungeons. The first and only one comes up at level twenty-four and I don’t get another one for another six levels.

So, finally at the end, and wrapping this up.  TERA’s launcher feels extremely unpolished because of a few key lacking features. Most notably, there is no remember email button.  So on the website or logging on to the game, you will have to enter your email every single time without fail. This is bad because it’s annoying. Getting me annoyed by tiny things is generally a bad idea when you look at the above. Anger is not a linear thing, it scales exponentially. Starting off in the negative just means I hit a point where I close the game in frustration that much quicker. The forums are the absolute worst, often booting off of your account after about an hour anyways. Have fun retyping all your info again!

While we’re on it, can we please get  a bloody “Skip Intro” button? Yes En Masse, I know you published the game. I know BlueHole made it. I don’t need to see those long cinematic every time. Now you don’t, but I also don’t want to sit there and mash the escape key four times, sit through a load screen, then skip another cinematic for the game. Need a skip button so I stop getting annoyed before I’m even in the game.

Finally, and this is the saddest one of them all, I do not care about the story of TERA. I don’t know who anyone is, I don’t care what they’re doing, and I don’t care if they succeed. And this is the fault of whoever wrote the racial dialog. Because of them all, I want every single Elf, Human, and Castanic to go jump off of a bridge and die. Almost all of the dialog you here from these three races will be condescending, jerky, and make them sound like an arrogant ass. Every. Single. Time.

I will cut you all.

Amani sometimes fall into this, but because of their racial profile it seems like their just strict, not jerks. Baraka are very polite and fun to listen too… too bad you don’t get many for quest givers early on. Popori and Elin are nice, though Popori get annoying after a short time since they love to spam “Someone played a trick on you!” way too much. Elin finally sound like younger girls, so they along with Baraka are the best of the bunch. And almost all of your quest givers on the Island of Dawn? Human. Elf. Castanic.

By the time I actually got to the other races for quests, I had long, long, long ago stopped giving a crap about anyone else in this world. Is there a team change option? I think I want to help the Argons at this point. Screw everything, let’s just watch the world burn.

Phew, now that all of that is off my chest, we can get back to the Class First Impressions next time, and finish off with Archer. If any of these don’t seem like such big problems, by all means, come join! If you think they sound annoying, it’s probably for the best if you just pass and don’t buy the game for now. Unless you really want the combat, wait until some of these are (hopefully) resolved.