So this was delayed because of my little whinge on Tuesday, because that’s kind of my thing. I like picking apart games, especially ones that annoy me to figure out why. But now that I’ve got all that ou of my system, I can move back to enjoying the game. Seriously, despite all that I’m still playing the game happily. So next time will (finally) be all the things I enjoy about the game. But for now… the Archer!

Role: Damage
Difficulty: [***]

The Archer is TERA’s answer to a long-range sniper class, although it’s a bit wonky. It does feel like you get to play a long-range sniper if you would so desire, but they still have the same basic attack range of the other classes. However, this is toyed with in an interesting way; quite a few of the Archer’s skills do increased damage the closer you are to the target. Which would make sense, being that you’re shooting straight ahead, so that arrow is as strong as it’ll ever be right as it leaves the bow. Alternatively, magic. Magic did it. For a good comparison, consider this: The Archer is the physical version of the Sorcerer, only where the Sorcerer has insane burst and crits, the Archer deals steady ad consistent damage.

Skill wise, Archers get a few fun things to play with. The classic “hail of arrows” and “piercing shot” are all here, and you get those pretty early on. But, do remember what I said before, most of your ranged skills do more damage the closer you are, so knowing how close to be to something is the key to perfect use of your skills. The targeting on Arrow Volley can be a little weird at times, but the skill is still alright for aoe-clearing. Like a certain other game I could name (or twelve), Archers in TERA also gain access to several traps to help out. These come in various flavors, ice-burst slow, big area fire, and so on, and can be fun to use and set up in a chain. Thankfully they also have a close-range smack with a chance to stun, giving you all the time you’ll need to hop away from the fight, rounding out their already fun skill kit.

Combat can be a little tricky to pull off properly, but Archer is one of the ranged classes that manages to pull it off so well. As we’ve covered, distance is a major factor in damage which sets up some interesting scenarios. You can sit at maximum range and do the least amount of damage, but you will be safe sitting back there. Coming closer includes elements of danger, until you’re right up on a monsters bum with the melee damage. Now, you will do the most damage possible here, but you can also be insta-gibbed by the boss should anyone pull aggro for just a second, or even  the boss just using an area-effect attack. Combat as an Archer is all about risk and reward, especially in a party. Solo with your traps, an Archer will be able to kite anything along, whittling it down until death finally takes it with minimal damage to the Archer. You can even take down quite a few BAMs like this, but be mindful of your surroundings. Things can get nasty if you pull too many addition mobs with all that running!

Crystals are basically the same for any other melee class, minus anything dealing with knockdown. For solo, as always, I recommend getting both HP and MP regen crystals to augment your survivability and keep you going for as long as possible. For group-play, focus on getting damage amplifiers, like bonus damage to bosses or additional crit. Anything that’ll boost raw damage to keep your damage-per-second steadily raising. Keep in mind that it can be extremely hard to knock foes over with a bow, so if you do want to run crystals that do additional damage against fallen foes, you will have to rely on party members to make that happen often and reliably. Make friends with a Slayer or Berserker, they often have the skill sets to do just that. Since Archer is a raw damage class, glyphs are completely personal. Take whatever boosts a skill you already like to use, then use it some more.

Archers can be a great class to play if you’re trying to get a feel for ranged combat. Their attacks are miles years about 27.4 AU ahead of Mystic and Priest, so it’s a much better start for observing how the ranged attacks work. Likewise, they have more armor (somewhat) than the Sorcerer and a higher overall damage output at lower levels, so it’s a safe choice to see how ranged combat works. Later on, Archers make for a fine, if steady, damage source and no party will ever think about turning you down. A well-played Archer brings a lot to the table with their traps and skills, and that fine line of risk and reward makes the party play all the sweeter.

Alright! That’s every class. Thanks for sticking around with me through it all guys. I hope you all have wonderful adventures in the wide, breath-taking world of TERA. If you ever need a place to call home, Black Lotus on Arachnaea is always open! Stop by, say hi, stay for a few BAM kills. If there is anything else you’d like to see about the game in a similar vein, feel free to leave a comment, and I’ll see what can be done. Enjoy guys! Kana, signing off.