So, I promised a Planetside 2 article. Awhile ago, actually. But here’s the problem: every time I sit down to write one, it never comes out good. I just can’t get the nuances of game play down properly, or accurately describe how much fun base to base fighting is. So after thinking about it for a while… I’m just not going to do that. Instead, I’ll tell a simple little story about one random day where I was flying a Scythe and wound up having the time of my life.

So, it was the day after a big patch, and I was pretty eager to get some practice flying. I’ve always wanted to be a pilot, just for how sick the Scythe looks, but lacked a lot of certs for it and couldn’t afford a secondary missile pod. So when I finally got my pods, I decided enough was enough with the waiting. Slotted in a Scythe Spawn implant to cut the cooldown as low as I could and took off.

My first few attempts went pretty much like you’d imagine. I’m pretty sure there are a few Scythe-sized holes in the cliffs around the then-Vanu Warpgate, but eventually I got the hang of it. Mostly I’d just grab a Scythe and fly around Vanu air space as low as I could, having to dodge terrain and buildings for an hour or so until I felt comfortable flying. Then it was time for the real fun to begin. Dropped a marker over Zurvan and started making my way there.

Real combat was far, far more than what I had ever anticipated. Reavers and Mosquitos were prowling their own air space, and whenever one came close, flak would churn the air. I managed a few kills over the course of a couple hours, and lost an equal number of Scythes. But the real fight was just about to begin.

By now I was running out of Polymers to spawn more fighters, and we were starting to lose ground to the Terran Republic. Figuring it’d be my last one for a while, I grabbed a Scythe and went hunting. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the most delectable treat flying away into New Conglomerate space.

A Galaxy troop transport and Liberator gun ship, flying around without any escorts.

Now, you can’t take out a Galaxy as long as a single person is manning the guns. It has far too much armor and will shred you down eventually. But a Liberator? Hit it fast and hard from above, and that’s easy points.

Smelling blood in the proverbial water, I fly up and position myself for an attack run on the Liberator, missile pods hot and ready to fire. However… just as I’m about to hit range to unload, I can finally see the faction colors from where I was at.

Purple and teal. Vanu Sovereignty.

I sigh a bit, but break off the attack angle and bank in over the Gal. Not exactly how I wanted to spend my time as a Scythe pilot, but come on. I’m as green as you can get and still could have put a massive dent in this attack force. They needed fighter protection to be safe.

The moment we hit NC air space, they got air protection. Another four Scythes flew up into formation around the Liberator and Galaxy. Now at this point, I could just break off and go elsewhere. They got the protection they needed, but I couldn’t help but feel like I stumbled into the middle of some op for a Vanu outfit. So I decided to stick around, and that was the best decision of my week.

We cut a massive bloody path through NC space. Every time, the Galaxy would hot drop 12 guys onto an outpost while a Liberator shelled any ground reinforcements, five angry Scythes buzzing around waiting for NC air to show up. And by the time we hit the Mao base, the NC air fleet showed up in force.

Galaxies, Reavers, and Liberators all came out of the Warpgate, a lump of angry smurfs trying to take down the force I’d attached myself to. And those blue fools didn’t stand a chance. Galaxies would just get hammered from above by the Vanu bomber if they ever deployed, and the constant shelling made it impossible to tanks to arrive unscathed to the battle below. NC Liberators went down in flames as Scythe bullets sliced into them from all angles.

But the best part? The dog-fighting. Air fighter to fighter. I picked up plenty of kills on enemy Reavers, but the worst happened. I got cocky and wasn’t paying attention, one got behind me. For a green pilot? That’s instant death. You just can’t shake them. I didn’t have the skill or ability. Watching in horror as my armor dropped lower and lower.

And then the Reaver popped open like a balloon. Remember those guys I said I followed out? The outfit I just lucked across and decided to follow? Who, to this point in time, I hadn’t said a single word too. They had my back. And I had theirs.  Every Scythe pilot was looking out for each other up there. They knew I wasn’t involved in that outfit, but still came to help me every single time I got caught or was about to die.

It would have been so simple to just leave me and focus on their own guys, probably guys they had on voice chat over some random silent pubby. But they didn’t. We held that base for over a half hour, right next to the NC Warpgate. The whole thing just a massive kick in the face to those guys for not even being able to break the line for so long, when we had no reinforcements.

Eventually, the NC won out and pushed us out of their territory. They had an infinite amount of people and vehicles, anyone who spawned in or looked at the map could see how close we were. But I still haven’t forgotten that feeling of having my back watched, and returning the favor. That feeling of being part of something big. Being a part of a well-oiled machine that was greater than the sum of its parts.

Who ever you guys were on East 02 that took a lone Scythe under your wings, I won’t forget you guys. That was some of the most fun I’ve had all beta. See you on Auraxis.