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Note: I’ve been told the Backburner actually does have Compression Blast. Not going to change anything because the point still stands.

Alright, so I mentioned before that selling power is a very, very stupid idea, but then immediately gave the most well known example, Team Fortress 2, a pass on it. What gives? Did I actually go mostly insane, or was there a method to the madness? (I’ll give you a hint, it’s probably the last one. Probably.) So today, let’s look at the kind of micro-transactions that are happening in the gaming world, and which ones need to stop.

Like I said before, let’s have a look at the Manconomy store for Team Fortress 2. All they sell is weapons and silly hats! How is that not evil/ridiculous? Well, the silly hat thing is ridiculous, but it makes for a good laugh at least. As for the weapons… Quick, what are the basic load-outs for each class? It’s alright if you don’t know them all off the top of your head, but it thought “freaking amazing” then you’d be right. Every weapon in the starting load-out is incredibly solid, and is extremely useful. In fact, I’d be willing to say that the store is harmful to new players, not because of any power shifts, but because of the way the new weapons subtly shift the desired playstyle of the player in question.
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It’s not an article by Cracked, I promise. Pity though, it’d probably be funnier than my ham-handed writing. Which is why, today, I have a special treat. A friend of mine wanted to write a colab article about things video game companies really need to stop doing, and I thought it would be a fun thing to do. So you’ll get three things from me, and three from my friend, DDDreamer. So let’s see how this works out! First up, my three that games need to stop having…

Broken Pre-Oder Bonuses:
We all know what a pre-order bonus is. Everyone loves those! Buy the game early, snag some sweet stuff to enjoy in-game. Heck, I do it all the time if I like what comes with it. The last (physical) game I pre-ordered was Halo: Reach, and I got a nice little multiplayer skin out of it. Now, that is fine. Cosmetics and other things that don’t disrupt the balance of the game are the perfect little treat to entice a buyer into reserving a copy early. The problem is when you do stupid things that break the game.

Like unlocking this 1 second into the game

If you’ve ever heard of it, pre-ordering Fallout: New Vegas got you the Caravan Pack. What was in that Pack? Oh, some food, water, and the best leather armor and shotgun you’ll see for a few hours. The pack completely broke the balance of the game and rendered all of the starting armor useless and the guns inferior to the Caravan Shotgun. That’s bad. Care to guess what’s worse? When you do that in a multiplayer game. Battlefield 3 has a pre-order bonus of several weapon modifications that give an edge in a competitive environment. Now, they have said the bonuses will be available to everyone for free later, but come on. You’re selling power-ups to people that shell out money, assuming they even live in a country where the deal is going on. If you don’t, tough luck. There will be better players in multiplayer because they pre-ordered and you didn’t. Fix your pre-order rewards game companies, don’t give stuff that make single player boring and multiplayer broken.

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