Alright, time to deliver on that promise. It’s Vampire: The Masquerade time! This is the rpg I’ve been playing lately, and I’ve been enjoying every minute of it. Several progression paths and a non-standard level up system means I’ll probably be playing it for a while to come as well. But you’re not here to just see me gush about a game, right? We’ve been there with Monster Hunter and oh god the pain that article instilled. So, today we’re just going to cover my favorite aspects of the world. The lore, the theme, and the character evolution will be what we discuss today, starting with the lore of Vampire.

The Story: First and foremost, you need to know absolutely nothing about Vampire: The Masquerade or World of Darkness (the overall setting) coming into this game. Everything will be explained to you in simple, easy to understand ways. There are seven vampire clans to pick from, each with a special history and perks, and a strength and weakness. For example, the Ventrue clan has powerful dominate abilities, but must feed from a higher class of ‘stock’, so no bums or rats for you. Nosferatu are hideously deformed by the curse and have to live in the sewers to avoid breaking the masquerade, but have unparalleled stealth to help them survive. I could go on for a long, long time covering each of the clans, but the thing is, there is something here for everybody. Each clan has distinct aspects that make them appear to be of the same overarching family, but distinct enough to be divisible into unique clans. Everything that needs to be described about your clan is told in the tutorial and allows you to practice you’re unique skills, while the interactions you have with the world around you and dialog options will tell you the story of your clan. It’s a beautiful and simple way to get the basics of the Masquerade across without you having to know of the series before hand.
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