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The End

WARNING: Major spoilers for Wanderlust: Rebirth. First and only warning. Read at your own risk.

So a friend of mine recently got the four pack of this game and I got a copy of it (special thanks to ThirtyThree for the game), and I have to say it’s been… fairly decent. Balancing is a serious issue and the game suffers hard from Linear Warrior – Quadratic Wizard syndrome. But overall it’s not so bad, combat can be pretty fun and the continue system means you can pretty much brute-force your way to the end if you so desire, though it’ll be a grind since the levels won’t be awarding any points.

My allies are doing more damage than me. I’m a very sad wizard.

And that ending will utterly ruin the game. I’m not even joking, I went from elation to annoyance to outright seething in no time flat. So here was the run down, we were playing four-player co-op and made it all the way to the last level. Pretty fun all things considered, and the boss had some fun mechanics and was pretty well done. However, due to a mistake one of our dps died. Then I died because the ‘Critical!’ box is massive and I couldn’t see myself standing in the fire. You’d think two years of WoW would train to avoid it, but alas I died and we didn’t have the damage to kill the boss.
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TERA Firma

So, today I’m going to start what will probably be a fairly long series on an upcoming game I’m very excited about. Remember that little ol’ game I wrote a small book on a little while ago, Monster Hunter? TERA is basically that, crossed with World of Warcraft, with Aion style graphics and Phantasy Star Universe upgrades. So basically it’s like all of my favorite games ever crushed into one super-mass of “oh my god” and “why isn’t it 2012 yet?”

To get started, TERA uses a very new system of combat to MMOs, which is more in-line with Monster Hunter than anything else. You click the mouse button, you attack. Click again, you attack again. Attacking multiple times can set up combos, and skills are actually not required. Yeah, you could use your full arsenal and shield-bash or overhead-swing as much as you want, or you could bind ‘attack’ to one mouse key and ‘block/evade’ to the other and then just go to town. It will take forever to kill anything, but you can do it, especially if you just want to settle in for a nice long relaxing fight with some Nyan Cat to spend a quiet evening. The game is also fully compatible with a USB controller, meaning I get to relive the glory days of PSU: spamming my arrows at monsters while running about like a chicken with its head cut off. Still don’t follow? Don’t worry, we have youtube!

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Chaos vs. Order, Multiplayer Fun

So, as some of you can probably guess, I finally got my hands on Space Marine this Tuesday. Not that I was playing it or anything. Nope. Hard at work with… stuff. For things. But while I was off not playing my brand new game, I decided to not check out the multiplayer and see how it holds up. Bottom line: interesting mechanics and fun to play, but ultimately nothing truly special, will survive on a dedicated fanbase. Hope to see new maps soon. Now that that’s out-of-the-way, lets take a little more in-depth look at the multiplayer experience and my adventures through hacking people apart. For Chaos. We’ll be splitting it up into 3 parts; The Annoying, The Good, and The Bad. Might come back if I get a high enough level to reflect and see how much has changed. For now, we begin!

The Annoying:

Okay, so, multiplayer is two identical sides facing off in various large boxes with the only difference between the factions being cosmetic differences. Why do we still have no opt-in feature for playing as our preferred faction? I see this in every game, people randomly being assigned to teams, but why can’t we ever weigh in who we want to play as? I vastly prefer the cosmetic appearance of Chaos to the Imperial Space Marine, and have heard people on both sides complain about being stuck with their least favorite faction. People repeatedly getting thrown on the Imperial team when they’d want to play Chaos, Imperial fans getting forced to play Chaos. Worse still, in Space Marine the system appears to ‘stick’, meaning once you are assigned to a faction, odds are you keep playing that faction over and over through the rounds, even if you don’t want too.
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Free Flamer Here!

Note: I’ve been told the Backburner actually does have Compression Blast. Not going to change anything because the point still stands.

Alright, so I mentioned before that selling power is a very, very stupid idea, but then immediately gave the most well known example, Team Fortress 2, a pass on it. What gives? Did I actually go mostly insane, or was there a method to the madness? (I’ll give you a hint, it’s probably the last one. Probably.) So today, let’s look at the kind of micro-transactions that are happening in the gaming world, and which ones need to stop.

Like I said before, let’s have a look at the Manconomy store for Team Fortress 2. All they sell is weapons and silly hats! How is that not evil/ridiculous? Well, the silly hat thing is ridiculous, but it makes for a good laugh at least. As for the weapons… Quick, what are the basic load-outs for each class? It’s alright if you don’t know them all off the top of your head, but it thought “freaking amazing” then you’d be right. Every weapon in the starting load-out is incredibly solid, and is extremely useful. In fact, I’d be willing to say that the store is harmful to new players, not because of any power shifts, but because of the way the new weapons subtly shift the desired playstyle of the player in question.
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