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The End

WARNING: Major spoilers for Wanderlust: Rebirth. First and only warning. Read at your own risk.

So a friend of mine recently got the four pack of this game and I got a copy of it (special thanks to ThirtyThree for the game), and I have to say it’s been… fairly decent. Balancing is a serious issue and the game suffers hard from Linear Warrior – Quadratic Wizard syndrome. But overall it’s not so bad, combat can be pretty fun and the continue system means you can pretty much brute-force your way to the end if you so desire, though it’ll be a grind since the levels won’t be awarding any points.

My allies are doing more damage than me. I’m a very sad wizard.

And that ending will utterly ruin the game. I’m not even joking, I went from elation to annoyance to outright seething in no time flat. So here was the run down, we were playing four-player co-op and made it all the way to the last level. Pretty fun all things considered, and the boss had some fun mechanics and was pretty well done. However, due to a mistake one of our dps died. Then I died because the ‘Critical!’ box is massive and I couldn’t see myself standing in the fire. You’d think two years of WoW would train to avoid it, but alas I died and we didn’t have the damage to kill the boss.
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Crafting, Crafting

Today’s topic is something I’ve been wanting to talk about for a little while. Today, we’re going over the crafting system that is found in some games, usually mmo’s. Remember that this applies for all crafting specialties in games, I’m just referring to Weapons and Weaponsmithing because that’s what I have the most experience with. Now with that out of the way, we can begin. Crafting is something of an oddity in gaming, that is both hated and loved, sometimes at the same time. I hate leveling my weaponsmithing because it’s expensive, and it just involves standing at a forge making what ever weapon uses the lest ingredients and get’s me the highest chance of leveling. And yet, my rogue was creating level 50 weapons when she was in her 30’s. I hit the max smithing level of 300 at level 39 and am close to already buying an epic recipe. At level 40. I can’t even use any of the stuff I’m now making or working on until I hit the level cap of 50. So how did this all go down?

Two words: Damascus Shiv. While I was leveling before, it was a common thing for me to use my marks, the currency you buy recipes with from doing dailies, when I noticed something odd. For one, this recipe was almost 5 times more expensive than it’s counter-parts. A normal recipe around this point cost me 13 or so marks. The Damascus items cost 68 minimal. I was intrigued by this odd recipe, and it was closed for me when I found out it was a blue, and a beautiful dagger too. I had to have. I began hording marks, doing every single daily to get as many of them as I could, until I could finally buy the recipe.  A more hidden reason for why I wanted the Damascus Shiv, it’s crafting materials were nothing special. Some planar dust I had kicking around, a piece of leather I already had for my warrior’s armorsmithing, and then the steel. Steel was the weird thing, I couldn’t make steel yet. Until I went out to mine a little…. and got the quest within a few lodes to learn how to create it. Now, the Shiv is a beautiful weapon. I’m level 40 and still using both of mine. They are relatively cheap and easy to make, and equip-able by level 32. It’s a wonderful item that really got me set and the fires of the forge burning for a long time. Finally around the high twenties, I was done. I had forged my own Damascus Shivs…

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Elder Scrolls: The Old and New

So there is a new Elder Scrolls title just around the corner, and I am finding myself more and more sadly optimistic. I remember my time spent on the last game, Oblivion, roaming the country side and being murdered by wolves. Always wolves, you’d think there would be a roaming band of hunters formed or something to keep wandering adventurers safe. After talking with a friend, I decided to do a quick run down of things from Oblivion that really stuck out in my mind after all this time and things I would like to see for Skyrim when it releases. Some of these things may have already been confirmed by Bethesda and it’s slipped my, but if that’s the case then hey, I just got one point off the wish list fulfilled. Speaking of…

Wish List- Things I’d personally like to see in the next game:
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