So, today is a special day. Not because of any holiday (although Riot did release 4 amazing skins for the New Year), but because of an influx of information about a game I absolutely loved. So today, you’re going to be getting a story. But first, a little set up. As you can probably guess, the game I’m referring to is PlanetSide, the old MMOFPS of yesteryear. I can’t tell you when, exactly, I picked the game up, but it was early in the MMO journey. It was a little bit after I stopped playing EverQuest, but couldn’t sate the desire of a game… bigger, than what other games were offering. I wanted something massive. Something to scratch that budding shooter itch I was developing. And then I saw it in my local E.B. Games, PlanetSide. A PC game that captivated me just from the box art. I took my money and bought the game, and got a family member to buy me a month-long time card. And thus my adventures on Auraxis began.

There is plenty of story to the game, but to keep things brief, there was a mineral rich planet found on the other side of a wormhole, that people flocked to for riches and wealth. Sadly, the wormhole began to destabilize, isolating the world of Auraxis. To complicate matters, alien artifacts belonging to a race known as the Vanu, and some of the technology that was recovered preformed miracles. Death became nothing, as Vanu technology gave people the ability to be reborn instantly, and the world quickly shattered. The Terran Republic remained loyal to the Earth government that it had been separated from, and formed the first of the three empires. The Second was a miss-match New Conglomerate, a democratic empire founded by everything from industrial giants to lowly terrorists and mercenaries. And then, the Third empire, the Vanu Sovereignty, who believed human evolution would only come through the Vanu technology. Transcendence through Alien tech, oh gee, I wonder what faction I was playing as?
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